Also known as sodium bicarbonate which is used in almost all baked goods.

It is one item which is inexpensive and unknown to many serves as a member of the beauty store. White in colour and abrasive in nature, it is rich in antiseptic and exfoliating properties that detoxes the skin and face. There are so many things the baking soda can do,which includes;

1. When used as a facial scrub,it’s abrasive nature helps remove dead skin cells giving way for new cells production.

2. Prevents acne and blackheads.

3.whitens the teeth.

4.and helps in giving a healthy scalp.

The baking soda is an inexpensive product and is totally different from the baking powder. When bought the baking soda should be used a spoon at a time,mixed with water and applied to face,skin or hair.